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Maple In April Hadley Express – Departing Hadley

Quick Details

Coach Class Adults - (Ages 13+) $20
Children (Ages 12 & under) - $10
First Class Adults (Ages 13+) - $25
Children (Ages 12 & under) - $15
First Class Private Table Want a more intimate experience? Book all 4 seats for a First Class private table. - $100
Open Air Class Adults (Ages 13+) Closest to the locomotive - $20
Children (Ages 12 & under) - $10
Locomotive Cab Ride VIP Experience - limited 1 seat per tour - $200
Infant/Toddler Infants/Toddlers must sit on adults' laps and not occupy a seat - Free
Vintage 1916 Pullman “Kayadeross Creek” - Person Limited seats for this unique experience - $30

Ride on the express train departing from Hadley and join in the fun at the Hadley Maple Festival!

Take the train to the Hadley Maple Festival! Round trip trains from Corinth or Hadley Station.

Pancake Breakfast available for morning train riders at Hadley(not included with ticket)

Vintage 1916 Pullman – 8 seats are available in our rare Pullman observation car! This is also available for private parties up to 10 people! This car is near the rear of the train and has a great view directly from the vestibule. This trip will have a locomotive attached to the end of the Pullman as well to pull the train back north.

First Class seating is available in our dining car. Each table has 4 chairs

Open air seating is available on our flat car. This is picnic table style seating. This is closest to the locomotive and the best place to experience the sounds and smells of the working locomotive! It is also the loudest. You will hear the horn from the locomotive the most here.

Standard coach seating is available as well.